Mr. and Mrs. Signs

My first DIY!


I started making these signs for Wilson’s second year Army Birthday, which was July 11th. And I just now finished them. Hey, a present is better late than never! These were super easy.

Buy Wood. Paint wood. Draw stencil. Cut out stencil. Trace on wood. Paint in stencil lines. Make a back for mounting. Put on wall. Ta-da!


My cat, Mr. Timone, loves the signs too!


Kansas Weather, Kansas Rain

Being that I am still a newbie resident to Kansas, I have yet to get the weather patterns down. Today was far from anything that would have happened in Arizona. There I was, sitting outside soaking up the sun with my pup, and clouds randomly rolled in.

It got dark.

It started to pour. And I mean really pour.


Then it hailed.

Then it was sunshine and humidity again.

And then, it was time to go to work.