Mason Jar Lovin’

I’m OBSESSED with Mason Jars. They are so cute, and have a million and one uses.
And I have found yet another cute use!
I was doing my weekly thrift shopping and found a mason jar kit.
It came with: 2 mason jars, 2 ribbons, 2 blank recipe cards, to wooden hearts to attach to the string, and 2 circle pieces of fabric.

I have seen this idea before, but the whole concept is to layer ingredients to 1. display cutely, and 2. have the ingredients pre-measured and mixed for fast cooking!

For mine, I did the best ever chocolate chip cookie recipe (which I will share after because it has been a long search and I finally found a good one).


So cute! I love it. And although my layers aren’t perfect straight like all of the examples, I still like it.
Note: If you are going to do this, make sure to always start with the soft stuff on bottom and the chunky stuff on top. The bottom layer of mine is the flour, salt, and baking powder needed. Then I did the brown sugar, to help separate so when I do make the cookies, I can separate as need like in the recipe.


And In the end,  I used the ribbon and fabric that came with the kit.
Not bad for $1.79 at the thrift store, huh?



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