Dream Car

It’s about time I tell you about my car….

(insert cheering and clapping and confetti) 



I know you might be thinking, “Really, THIS is her dream car?” and it’s true… it is. I have always, always, always wanted one. I can’t ever remember wanting any other car than a Volkswagen Beetle. My parents even owned an old one that we use to drive around in. Ask anyone who knows me, and they will say it is the one car that I have always called ‘mine’.

It really is a fairy tale as to how I got it. We went up to Wichita just to visit some family and friends and to look at the dealership just to see inside a new Beetle. Well, one event lead to another (like 0% interest, and they gave me $3000 for my other car) and I drove home in a new Beetle!

      And although I really wanted a lime green one, the 2013s don’t come in lime green (bummer, I know) my (YES MINE ALL MINE) Beetle is toffee colored, with leather interior. It is push button started, has a touchscreen stereo, and couldn’t be more perfect.










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