DIY Stamp and DIY Wrapping Paper!

Hello lovelies! Today you are getting not one, but TWO DIYs in one post. What a lucky day for you!
Today, I will be showing you how to make your own stamp, and how to make your own wrapping paper.

How To Make Your Own Stamp;


Supplies Needed:

  • wood pieces (found at Hobby Lobby, two for $1.79)
  • Puffy shirt paint
  • pencil

Step 1: draw your own design onto the wood piece. For best results, try not to make a design that has small, detailed pieces. When you add the puffy paint, it will be thicker and can make your design a big blop.
Step 2: Trace over your pencil lines with the paint. Let it dry thoroughly. If you do not let it dry completely, when you go to stamp you could smooth in your wet paint and have a messy stamp on your hands.
Step 3: Stamp your new stamp in some ink or paint and stamp away!


Now for the wrapping paper….

You will need your new hand-made stamp, and some parcel paper. I bought a roll of brown paper on Amazon for about $7. You can get multiple colors like black, white and brown. Or for small gifts, you can use just a normal 8 by 11 piece and stamp that!

Step 1: Wrap your present with just the plain paper to measure out how much wrapping you will be using.
Step 2: Roll out, and stamp away! Let paint/ink dry and you can wrap your present.



After I wrapped the presents, I added some baker twine and a hand made card!
I chose to make the daisy stamp for a friend’s wrapping paper, because that was her wedding flower. It was very cute, and fit right in because she had a country wedding, complete with bails of hay and burlap sacks.

I hope you make some lovely stamps and cute wrapping paper!