Is it Fall yet?

I can’t believe it! All I hear is talk about how “summer is over” and “fall will soon be upon us”. Like, what!??? I am use to at least 2 more solid months of summer!
I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the season changes. I mean this year I get to watch the leaves change color and fall to the ground. I get to have an actual season change, and then I get to see it snow. It will be an interesting change for sure.

However I’m not letting it stop me from buying decorations! This is the first time my husband and I will be living in our own home together since we got married a year and a half ago. And you bet I’m buying decorations and going a little over board (okay, maybe a lot).

Here’s a look at some of the stuff I’ve gotten!:




The first picture is of two adorable wooden leaves that I bought at Hobby Lobby
Second picture is of the table cloth I bought at Michael’s.
And the third is of the cute harvest pillow I bought at Michael’s.

The best part?! It was all 40-60% off! Fall is looking better and better.

However there is this issue of fall clothes shopping….